We are helping one start up each year to set up its business strategy and put it into practice.

Socialprise is contributing to the global start-up business ecosystem by adopting a start-up each year and helping it develop its business plan, put in place an actual work plan, recruitment plan, short term and long termĀ strategies, marketing plan, reporting, workflow, management procedures, task management and much more.

We not only put the plan, we walk you through every step of the way, to implement together, each plan and adjust where necessary and a high survival rate.

We will also help you set up a virtual workplace to cut the costs and give you financial guidance to ensure you comply with the official standards efficiently and be able to survive on the market over the long run. We will guide you to select the appropriate Web Tools needed to run a business successfully and operate efficiently.

Our support won’t stop when our intervention time is up, during the programme we will equip you with what is needed to operate on your own.


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